As the story opens, David, a graphic designer in Chicago, is heading home after a particularly meaningless day at work. His life appears solid and satisfying on the outside, and in truth he feels he’s reached a new low point; he’s on a path he simply can’t continue.  Like many of us, David is at a crossroads. 

He hears a mysterious female voice calling him, leading him to a desert world outside of time, where pilgrims seek the “high story,” or deepest meaning of their lives. In a style as subtle and evocative as the shifting desert sands, Daniel Goodenough immerses the reader in a mystical world.

As David does the work of journaling and remembering, the fog begins to lift; his life will never be the same. Reading his story, you also do the work of connecting and remembering in your own life.

David’s guide Verity asks him these questions:

What do you love?
What do you find beautiful?
What do you long for?

As you ask yourself these questions, you see the signposts that can lead you on the path to an authentic life of service, self-expression and belonging.


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